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IT and Service solutions

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Bringing innovative solutions to life

Our company began operating more than 23 years ago, but the startup nerd within us is alive and well. 

Seeing oportunities where others see obstacles is the genesis of our most successful products.

A simple example is our Beep service - an intelligent solution that helps to revive the voice revenues in cases when users run out of balance by stimulating call-backs and response actions that unlocked and  brought more then 600 MLN USD for mobile operators from 5 continents.

We're focusing on two of the fastest-growing industries in the world - Telecom and eCommerce, so we keep the same pace in developing our technologies, with a high level of reactivity and flexibility.


Revenue-booster services

Patented technologies for stimulating calls and top-ups for different network scenarios 


Location-based analytics on top-up behaviour and refill marketing campaigns

Analytics dashboard

Custom tailored analytical tools helping operators unlock unearned revenues and optimize current revenue streams on post-paid and pay-as-you-go platforms

Service lifecycle management

Customer intelligence and reporting, supplying with insight for personalized service offering and revenue analytics



In an era of digital transformation with market dynamics constantly evolving, having a B2C or B2B strategy is not enough.

Our eCommerce experts are developing our solutions having a Business to Everyone (B2E) approach and innovation in mind.


Build a platform tailored to your needs or modify existing solutions to scale your business. We’ll provide you with UX design, A/B tests, and more.


Offer multiple products from multiple sellers. Give your buyers a one-stop-shop to buy everything they need and expand the platform fast.

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