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Digital printing

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Reinventing wallcovering and textile printing.

In recent years, interior decoration has increasingly focused on the value of personalisation. The pandemic only increased this trend, especially in the home décor sector. In the past, homes were a place to eat, sleep, and relax after long days spent elsewhere. Today, they have become “multitasking” refuges. Despite the increasing demand for personalized wallcoverings and decor accesories, the industry itself didn't change too much. And here we took the challenge.

Our ambition was to explore all boundaries of conventional wallcoverings and... then break them.

The combined expertise in eCommerce and several patented innovations make us the (r)evolution of the digital printed wallcoverings and home accessories. 

Tropical Wallpaper

Wonderful prints.

When you wish for something that does not yet exist, you have to create it yourself. We love wall murals and believe that design should be experienced all the way to the wall. Not in multiple rolls, no seams, no paper. 

Our wallcoverings are ethically sourced, using only the highest quality textile, water based inks and a new technique to ensure a vivid print with great definition, all-in one piece, no matter how big is your wall.


Changing an industry

With innovation at our core, we’re shaking up a tired industry by introducing a new way of printing, delivery and installation.

We see walls as a giant canvas where our customers can be creative with colours and shapes.

So that the mural becomes more than decoration, it becomes spectacular, show-stopping and arresting artwork. Anyone entering this lofty space will know that the owner of this room is fantastically chic, stylish and effortlessly cool. This is a true wonder wall.

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Red Bird

Reimagined, extraordinary wallcoverings

Your home tells the story of who you are or who you want to be. It reflects you, your likes and how you want to be seen by others. It's a place where you feel safe and where you’ll spend most of your life. We believe that the walls of a room affect how we feel. That's why our mission is to help people fill their walls with more than simply a painted colour. Either you'll find the perfect wall art for you in our collection or create and order wallcoverings and prints with your own designs. With passion and attention to detail, it is our pleasure to help you transform your home to reflect your personality.


Every wallcovering is printed on premium, eco-friendly textile in one single roll customized by your wall sizes, intelligently packed for a convenient delivery and a super-easy instalation. 

Like no any other wallcovering in the world. 


Compared with traditional screen printing, digital textile printing decreases water waste per meter by 98% and electricity usage by 70%. We also use odorless, water-based inks that are safe both for environment and our customers.

Designed by Artists

We are an open marketplace and we value original artwork from creators of all kinds—from painters to pattern designers and everything in between. We empower creativity around the world—because each purchase pays an artist.

Holding a Paintbrush
Toucans and Pineapples
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